Create your own PageRank module on your website indicating:

PageRank module- your website actual Google Pagerank
- number of pages indexed by Google
- number of backlinks reported by Google.

Click here to know more about these figures: What do these numbers mean?

Self developed module can be easily inserted to your website. In reality you just insert a small dinamically changing image into your frontpage, the data collection done by our data center.

Choose module design fits best to your frontpage.

  Choose module:
  Domain name:
(pl., do NOT enter "http://")

The reported figures can be different with or without the "www"! Try both, use the better one!


Regulations, attempts and impacts:

Removed backlink!The PageRank module code should be inserted without any modification especially effective for the backlink! The Camelpark PageRank module used without the backlink will display "Removed backlink!" error message with no functionality.

Banned domain!Use one and only one PageRank module on your frontpage - only for displaying your own site's data! Attempts for using multiple PageRank modules on one site (one page) like topsites or references pages will result "Banned domain!" statement.

More info: The first PageRank module show-up happens in 3-6 sec., then there is no no response time or very little. The measured figures refreshed in every 12 hours in the meantime the module downloaded from cache.